Your First Port of Call
A:MyOddz.bet is a sports betting, casino, P2P betting, and gambling platform which runs on the Ethereum block chain network via Smart contracts.
A:We’ll have sports betting with a large selection of sports and esports, casino games, Raffles, Dice, Coin flip, Poker and Bingo. You’ll also be able to have real P2P betting where YOU become the house. You’ll be able to have private bets with friends, create your own markets, or offer your own odds to other users.
A:No. You’ll only be able to bet and play games using Ethereum, the 2nd largest crypto currency in the world. No need to go to an exchange to buy tokens, users can arrive and start having fun and winning straight away!
A:Zero. Well, we say zero. There will always be the small cost of Gas to actually send your Ether to our platform. This, alas, is unavoidable on the Ethereum network, and there’s nothing we can do about that.
A:No. Ether will be the only currency you will be able to bet with on MyOddz.bet. However, we do plan to introduce an on site exchange so that you’ll be able to visit MyOddz.bet and exchange your Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin or other currencies, in to Ether in an extremely easy way. We hope to offer a Fiat to Eth solution in due course
A:Due to our use of smart contracts, all bets placed will be publicly visible on the block chain should anyone want to check them. Results and outcomes will come via tried and trusted API feeds and pushed to our smart contracts.
A:Not only does MyOddz.bet give ODDZ token holders the chance to share profits each quarter, we plan to offer the largest variety of betting options of any operator on the Ethereum blockchain to attract, engage and retain users.
A:Hodl the tokens and use them to claim your share of the profits. Each quarter, we’ll be sharing profits to all token holders, proportional to the number of tokens held in their wallets.
A:Of course you can, though not for a small initial period after the crowd sale ICO. We aim to have ODDZ Tokens listed on exchanges as soon as is possible.
A:We can’t as yet predict our profitability. We can say that you will receive exactly your share of the profits in proportion to the number of ODDZ Tokens you hold. Our job is to build a strong product and brand which generates increasing profits for our ODDZ Token holders.
A:On our P2P Betting platform, you’ll be able to offer your own odds to whoever wants them and for whatever you want to bet on! You’ll be able to trade your odds directly on our site to other users, or you’ll be able to take our P2P tech and use it on your own site.
A:During the last week of each quarter, ODDZ Tokens will be locked and must be held in a wallet such as myetherwallet. A contract will be issued which you must interact with to claim your share of profits. Make sure you follow us across all of our social media platforms, as we will be announcing the profit share details no later than 10 days before it occurs.
A:We are issuing ODDZ Tokens. You will not need to use these on our platform to place bets or play casino games or sell your odds on our P2P betting platform. These are your shares in MyOddz.bet and will enable you to claim your share of the quarterly profits.
A:During the ICO, MyOddz.bet will be selling a maximum of 250,000,000 ODDZ Tokens. This amount of tokens sold during the ICO will represent 65% of the entire token amount to be issued. At the end of the crowd sale, additional ODDZ Tokens will be minted for the following use: Bounties @ 2%, House funds @ 13% and the Founders / Team supply of 20%. The Ether raised during the ICO will be utilised in the following way: 10% legal, 20% development, 20% for on going operations, 30% for marketing and the remaining 20% will be used as additional launch house funds.
A:The first and best way to get your hands on our ODDZ tokens is to join our whitelist. Please click on the “Register for whitelist” button on this page. This will give you 72 hours to purchase ODDZ Tokens before they go on general sale to the public. After the whitelist sale period has ended, there will then be a further 21 days to purchase tokens. The sale will continue until the end of the ICO period or until the entire number of ODDZ Tokens sells out, whichever happens first. Any tokens remaining unsold will be burnt.
A:We plan to have ODDZ Tokens tradable on exchanges shortly after the end of the ICO, whether the ICO reaches the end date or all tokens sell out before then. We will provide updates about this across our social media channels, as well as here on our site, so please keep an eye out for that information.
A:We’ll be launching the platform with sports betting against the house, our P2P betting platform and our Raffles. Casino games, Dice, Coin Flip, Poker and Bingo will come on board in accordance with our road map which we’ll be publishing very soon.
A:Our main aim is to build a hugely successful platform that generates large profits which we can distribute to our investors and ODDZ Token holders. We understand that without them, we wouldn’t be here so they are our first duty. We want to grab as large a share of the market as we can and make you happy that you chose to invest in us.